Make Science fun and meaningful again!

Lessons with a simple approach:

  • Put demonstrations in your students’ hands
  • The demonstrations make them curious so…
  • They want to listen to the explanation.

What you’ll find here is my vault, my very best lessons.

Interactive Science Lessons put experiences in student’s own hands which makes them wonder “What’s going on?”. That’s powerful. Now when you speak they will listen.

Get Great Science Lessons to Use in Your Class!

Watch as I present each lesson on video, allowing you to clearly see how the lessons work and flow.

Need a lesson about Astronomy? Got it. What about balancing chemical equations? Got that too. IST covers science lessons for:

  • Life Science
  • Earth & Space Science
  • Physical Science
  • General Science

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IST members enjoy full access to all lessons. That includes all videos, all handouts, all teacher notes and Powerpoint sides!

  • Reach and teach every student in your classroom, no matter what their learning style is.
  • Use ordinary materials most science classrooms already have.
  • Have been used in a real classroom with hundreds of students.
  • Promote state and national science standards

What’s Different About These Science Lessons?

Yes, there are lots of other free lessons out there, but they don’t offer near as much quality as these lessons do. Here are just some of the advantages of our lessons:

  • Solid, engaging lessons
  • Powerpoints included
  • High-quality instructional videos
  • Real classroom experience

There is so much good stuff here!

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