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Interactive Science Lessons put experiences in student’s own hands which makes them wonder “What’s going on?”. That’s powerful. Now when you speak they will listen.

What you’ll find here is my vault, my very best lessons.

What’s the difference between free science lessons and these science lessons?

Solid Lessons

Each science lesson stays focused on, and builds around, standards that students are expected to understand.

Strong Teacher Notes

We feel that since you’re the one presenting the lesson, it’s crucial that you understand it and be fully prepared.



Most lessons include a custom-made PowerPoint that will guide you and your students through the lesson.


Our lessons include 175 pages of Teacher Notes, 320 pictures and drawings, 200 PowerPoint slides, 79 student-performed interactive demonstrations, and an average of 16 hours poured into every single lesson.

Extra Goodies

Many lessons include “Accessories” that you can choose to customize your lessons with, additional homework assignments, answer keys, quizzes and tests, and other suggested resources.

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