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Is Interactive Science All Fun?

Yes, it is important to have an interactive science approach, but our lessons want to do more than just entertain your students. After experiencing a good interactive science lesson, the neat thing that happens is students actually crave the explanation. And each of our interactive science lessons were designed to lead up to that moment where you speak and connect all the dots. That’s why our interactive science lessons strongly emphasize you being mentally prepared.

As an added benefit to you, many of our interactive science lessons include an example of a back-and-forth dialogue between the teacher and students (based on actual words said when the interactive science lesson was presented). Everyone wants to be part of a great lesson, but it’s the unseen work and mental preparation that make it successful.

Interactive Science Lessons

Interactive Science That Includes More Than You Bargained For

As you go through our interactive science lessons we hope you’re surprised at how much you get. Sure, you expect student handouts and some sort of teacher notes. But what about customized PowerPoints, quizzes and homework assignments, an extra copy of every picture used, and teacher notes with a step-by-step explanation, illustrations, and Accessories that you can customize your interactive science lessons with? And if you’re not a reader or into all the details, we’ve still got you covered. Just refer to the Quick Notes for a minimal outline of the lesson.

Take a minute and download 3 sample interactive science lessons right now for free to see what we’re talking about. These aren’t necessarily our 3 best (opinion varies from person to person), but they are representative of the rest.

How We Chose Our Interactive Science Methods

You might be wondering with all the demonstrations available out there how and why we selected the ones we did to be included in our interactive science lessons. In most cases the choice was hard to make. But here is a list of criteria we use when deciding which activities to use:

  • Each demonstration obviously need to illustrate the topic
  • And work every single time it’s tried
  • It shouldn’t over-excite students
  • Or be complicated for you to explain or for students to do
  • It also needs to be fascinating to watch
  • And have the ability to hold every students’ attention while it’s being done and then explained

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