Interactive Science Update,10


Dynamic Demo of the Week-Radioactive Beans

An effective way to help your students understand what’s happening when radioactive atoms decompose. Materials per student group (2 or 3)- split peas, lima beans (100 of each), small cup, paper plate

This demo is an excerpt from an Interactive Science Lesson called “Radioactive Beans“.

Time-Saving Teacher Tip-Controversy

Teaching controversial topics can be nerve-racking. You wonder who you’re going to set off by mentioning the word “evolution” or “Pangaea”. You don’t want to upset anyone, but your students need to understand the topic well enough to make up their own minds. That’s when you approach it in the 3rd person. Present in a voice and tone that says, “Students, this is what an evolutionary scientist believes”, and then go into the topic. You’ve left yourself completely out of it and just presented the facts.

Lesson Spotlight- a sample of 2 Member lessons

Rock Cycle

Instead of another forgettable lecture, how about an activity in which every student participates and later recalls the kinds of rocks, and how they change from one to another.



Chemistry Surprise

A complete lesson that not only hits the foundations of chemistry, but also emphasizes listening and good writing. A great day to be a science teacher!

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