Interactive Science Update,3


Dynamic Demo of the Week- Conduction

A near-perfect example of conduction. Materials: metal knife, piece of wax, candle, something to lay the knife on.

This demo is an excerpt from an Interactive Science Lesson called “Heat Transfer“.

Time-Saving Teacher Tip- Donations

Need supplies donated?  Before going further, first put yourself in the right mindset, which means be willing to ask without fear of the word “no” until you get the answer you want.  Yes, it’s inconvenient and humbling to make those calls, but don’t forget what you’ll get out it- free stuff!  Most people won’t bother making even one phone call.  Remember- all you need is just one “yes”.

Lesson Spotlight- a sample of 2 Member lessons

Cost Of My Classroom Lights

A practical lesson that begins with the hourly cost of one fluorescent light tube and ends with the yearly cost of the lights in your room (…and your students do all the calculations!).


Fungi Fun

Fungi boring? No way! Here students create a flapbook full of valuable information about Fungi that they understand and will remember. Three cheers for Fungi!

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