Interactive Science Update,4


Dynamic Demo of the Week- Solids, Liquids, & Gases

Since we remember what we do, your students will not soon forget what the 3 states are, or what causes them, after they participate in this.  Materials per student group: ice cube

This demo is an excerpt from an Interactive Science Lesson called “The Great Adventure“.

Time-Saving Teacher Tip- More Board & Screen

Next time you visit at a home center, look at the 4 foot by 8 foot sheets of tile board. It’s used for shower walls, but you know it also as dry erase board. If you could use an extra dry erase board, pick up a sheet for around $15 and mount it to your classroom wall. Being white and shiny, these also double nicely as screens for a projector.

Lesson Spotlight- a sample of 2 Member lessons

Earth Clock- Timeline From Past To Present

Is Earth history fun? Yes! This lesson reaches back to the beginning of earth and presents its entire life, up to now, on the scale of a 24-hour clock. Now that’s serious fun (at least for us science people).


Interactive Notes-Atoms

In this special set of interactive notes: students create a progressively thickening model of an atmosphere. At first it’s so thin that’s it’s nearly non-existent (like the moon’s). As it becomes thicker, all light is choked and has no direct path through (just like Venus).

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