Interactive Science Update,7


Dynamic Demo of the Week-Changing Atom

Nothing lasts forever, especially the concept of the atom.  When covering these changes you can use these visuals to make the learning more meaningful and fun. Materials: clay, bb’s, roofing nail, cardboard, marble

This demo is an excerpt from an Interactive Science Lesson called “Atomic Model-Change Over Time“.

Time-Saving Teacher Tip-Clean Glassware

How clean is your glassware? If it’s awful, then bring it all home and run it through your dishwasher. Do not mix glassware from the lab with anything from home in the same load. After the wash cycle is complete and you’ve got the glassware out, run another rinse wash to make sure you removed all the chemicals.

Lesson Spotlight- a sample of 2 Member lessons


Use simple pendulums, in this case nothing more than a string with a washer on the end, to show how a true science investigation is supposed to work.


Dog Breeds

In this 3-day activity students research the basic characteristics of a breed of dog, write those facts into short sentences, and then read their reports aloud. What students get out of it is a fun learning experience.


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