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Middle School Science Lessons That Include Everyone

Science demonstration- lay a bar magnet in a cradle (made from a wire coat hanger), hung from the ceiling with string, and watch it align with earth's north pole! From science lesson 'Interactive Notes-Magnetism'.

Science demonstration- lay a bar magnet in a cradle (made from a wire coat hanger), hung from the ceiling with string, and watch it align with earth’s north pole! From science lesson ‘Interactive Notes-Magnetism’.

Is it really true that these middle school science lessons are for every student in your room? Let’s see- we know the “good” kids who normally pay attention will continue to do so. But what about the daydreamers, the troublemakers, and those who panic when things get “wordy” and technical? I designed each of my middle school science lessons to keep everyone interested:

  • The daydreamer will become intrigued with the demonstration
  • Troublemakers are usually kids who hate worksheets because they have trouble reading, so they’ll love getting their hands on science
  • And those with weak stomachs will be ok too, because they’ll get a boost of confidence from what they did themselves. And that which you have done with your own hands you are no longer afraid of.

This is an excerpt from the lesson- “Interactive Notes-Forces

Middle School Science Lessons Without Magic

While all of my middle school science lessons were designed to be purposeful and effective, they still won’’t magically teach themselves (but wouldn’’t that be nice if they did?). Teaching middle school science lessons is hard work, and there will never be a substitute for good preparation and your willingness to put your all into it. But the neat thing is that all that preparation will lead to something magical- the ability to connect with 30 students of varying backgrounds and ability.

Advantages Of These Middle School Science Lessons

Since each of my middle school science lessons has been used in a real classroom you know you’re getting more than a great sounding idea that might work. You’’re getting middle school science lessons without kinks and with a consistent flow from beginning to end. You’’re also getting a thorough background that reflects what actually happened when I did the lesson with my students, and not what might happen or we hope will.

We all know what it’’s like to try to use a teacher’s guide that’s vague or idealistic; those don’t work because they were dreamed up far from a real classroom! That won’’t happen with my middle school science lessons.

Realistic Middle School Science Lessons

I hope one thing noticeably missing from my middle school science lessons are the words ““easy”” and “”simple”” (I’m not a fan of exclamation points either!!!!!). Nowadays those two words tend to be overused, and in most cases they exaggerate a claim. If you’’ve ever had trouble assembling something that the directions said to just “”simply”” do, then you understand where I’m coming from.

The other reason I try to avoid the words ““easy”” and ““simple”” is that there’’s nothing particularly easy and simple about well-done middle school science lessons. Easy and simple middle school science lessons amount to giving students a worksheet or pushing “play” on the video player. Guiding a class of 30 students through a 45 minute journey through a topic in which everyone in the room learns something meaningful is actually pretty hard to do.

Middle School Science Lessons With More Than You Bargained For

When you go through my middle school science lessons I hope you’’re surprised at how much you get. Sure, you expect student handouts and some sort of teacher notes. But what about customized PowerPoints, quizzes and homework assignments, copies pictures, and a thorough set of video notes complete with step-by-step explanation and illustrations that you can customize your middle school science lessons?

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