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A Science Lesson With PowerPoint That Work | Interactive Science Teacher

What’s the hardest part of any science lesson? For most of us it’s capturing our students’ attention. Since worksheets usually aren’’t that exciting, our science lessons with PowerPoint try a different approach. My science lessons with PowerPoint were designed to be interactive with your students, which gives them a reason to listen. An involved student will pay attention and take ownership in the science lesson, which fuels their interest even more.

Advantages Of A Science Lesson With PowerPoint

Because every one of my science lessons with PowerPoint has been used in a real classroom (mine!) you know you’’re getting more than just a great-sounding idea. You’re getting science lessons with PowerPoint in which the kinks have been worked out, leaving a consistent flow from beginning to end. You’’re also getting a thorough set of teacher notes that reflect what actually happened, and not what we hope or think might. In other words, my science lessons with PowerPoint have actual classroom experience, and that is a valuable thing.

PowerPoint Science Lessons With Priorities

I want you to know that every set of teacher notes that accompany each science lesson with PowerPoint is based on actual events, and many videos were filmed the same day I did the lesson so the details would be preserved. That’s why the “voice” in the science lesson with PowerPoint seems real, like it actually did what it’s describing. It wasn’’t always convenient to do it this way, but my standard is excellence and I couldn’’t give you an excellent product any other way.

We hope you don’’t mind, but to keep your teacher notes from becoming overly-complicated, I chose not to pass them through an English department for a grammar check. Nor were they sent to the local university to be corrected. While I hope there aren’’t many mistakes in my science lessons, that’’s still not my main concern. All I care is that our science lessons with PowerPoint actually work in the classroom. Some teacher guides are so sophisticated and overdone that you have trouble making sense of them, and a perfectly good science lesson can be lost when it’s “over-decorated”. I just wanted mine to be clear, and good enough to be taught “right off the page”.

Science Lesson With PowerPoint- Magic?

While all of my science lessons with PowerPoint were designed to be purposeful and effective, they still won’’t magically teach themselves (but wouldn’’t that be nice if they did?). Teaching science lessons with PowerPoint is hard work, and there will never be a substitute for good preparation and your willingness to put your all into it. But the neat thing is that all that preparation will lead to something magical- the ability to connect with 30 students of varying backgrounds and ability.

Science Lesson With PowerPoint That Include Everyone

Is it really true that these science lessons with PowerPoint are for every student in your room? Let’s see- we know the “good” kids who normally pay attention will continue to do so. But what about the daydreamers, the troublemakers, and those who panic when things get “wordy” and technical? I designed each of my science lessons with PowerPoint to keep everyone interested:

  • The daydreamer will become intrigued with the demonstration
  • Troublemakers are usually kids who hate worksheets because they have trouble reading, so they’ll love getting their hands on science
  • And those with weak stomachs will be ok too, because they’ll get a boost of confidence from what they did themselves. And that which you have done with your own hands you are no longer afraid of.

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